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We’re the favourite choice for the backpacker on a budget, the student with some study abroad holidays to burn, the gap year gapper with a gap in their galavanting, the solo traveler looking for some soul mates or the group travel group. Our Lost Beach Travelers want the most affordable experience worth top value at the world’s best destinations with an authentic feel, a flexible schedule and options to suit your budget. The best South East Asia fiesta trips are easily accessible with our low cost, highly fun trips. You could say travel parties and festivals around South East Asia are our jam.

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Forged from a love of travel, kicking our feet in the sand, and based on years of experience, the Lost Beaches team has carefully developed the perfect laid-back trips to some of the world’s most exotic locales. Lost Beaches has everything covered from the moment you arrive, so just sit back and enjoy paradise. We do travel your way for the 18-30’s crowd. We won’t herd you around on a rigid schedule. We don’t lose track of the beauty of travel. None of our trips are identical, but there is a consistent theme. We like to consider our guests to be participants in the experience, not observers.

We create an environment where you feel your own your trip, with enough flexibility in the itinerary for you to make your own decisions to do what you want do. We’ve take you to both the must-see locations as well as exclusive Lost Beaches Travel discovered spots, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of new lost beaches out there for you to discover! All activities are optional, so you have your own free time to do what YOU want to do!


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Thailand is one of the best places in the world – no exaggeration. There really is nowhere like it on earth. The lively atmosphere, music, venues, perfect beaches, unbelievable weather, new friends (that of you’ll make in a heartbeat, of course), unreal parties, turquoise waters, tropical islands, scrumptious cuisine, and friendly local culture that keeps pushing all of these elements forward.

Thailand is called the Land of Smiles for a reason – everyone of our travellers gets a new enthusiasm for travel upon visiting Thailand with us. No matter where we travel in the country, new experiences and new friends drive happiness. The contagious laughter of its people makes Thailand the perfect place to runaway to, and feel like a kid again. Enjoying life is of top priority in Thailand and this beautiful philosophy can be seen and felt everywhere you travel to here, so join us and experience it first hand.


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Our grassroots style of travel ensures unforgettable, real life experiences. We travel on the unbeaten path and dive into the culture, not around it. Through years of experience hanging out on beaches, finding unique “gems” in lazy beach towns, and knowing the exact place to find that perfect icey island drink, we have designed trips that facilitate interaction along the way. This allows us to offer local knowledge and know-how to get you behind the scenes of each destination.

We also consider ourselves to be experts in fun, and that it is of course invaluable to the traveller. A lot of that stems from encouraging travellers to explore on their own, as there is no set formula for the universal perfect trip — everybody enjoys different things!  However, we make sure an awesome friendly environment is there for you to enjoy yourself with the group, if that’s what you’re after.


Adventure Travel

A long time ago a well known surf company issued an ad campaign withthe motto “Meet me at the Beach”. Today, we can certificably view that sentiment as a pile of hogwash. Regardless, their marketing gurus were onto something – the beach is a special place that inspires the most primal feelings in your latent flippers (we can from the ocean, 80% of us still call the sea our 2nd cousin). The Beach is not a place just to do something overwhelmingly fun, healthy or cool, though it is all of those things, it’s an essential spiritual experience where everything is better, from better tasting beers to better games of frisbee.

Through searching for new beaches and travel experience we found ourselves.. Or perhaps, we’re being self-indulgent wankers and there isn’t more to the beach than the quite simple act of riding waves, looking cool, scoring babes and getting sand in your ears (amongst other orifices.) In any case, it’s what Lost Beaches Travel does, what got us in the travel industry in the first place, and something we will continue to do until we are old and sultana-like. It is for these reasons Lost Beaches Travel takes special pride in Thailand, it’s where we started and where we want to end up. Every adventurous day deserves a proper ending, and the best nights are often the unexpected ones. You should join us on the beach sometime..

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13041268_448381925348111_4762304302229927099_oPeople. It’s the most important part of our lives, so why shouldn’t it be one of the most important part of your experience?

Whether you’re booking solo or with friends, you won’t be alone. Share an awesome life-changing experience with other travellers from all over Canada and around the world. Lost Beaches Travel is about bringing together a fun group of people to help jumpstart everyone’s trip. It really is a strange feeling, the excitement and open-mindedness you and our other travellers share in common will create long lasting bonds faster than you ever thought possible, often before you even get off the plane!  Everyone in your group has had the courage to take the plunge, and is part of the 1% that has a heart longing to travel and explore the world.


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Our trips are the perfect combination of culture, exploring, partying and adventure.

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By taking advantage of preferred rates, Lost Beaches is dedicated to making the exotic corners of this planet accessible and affordable to every adventurer. We always guarantee the lowest price, so contact us about group rates and current promotions.

Go Ahead, Stay Behind.

If you want to travel on your own before or after your Lost Beaches trip, just let one of our team members know. We can help arrange flights, meet up/drop off locations or even extend your trip.

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We have everything covered from the moment you arrive, so just sit back, relax and enjoy paradise.

Low Price Guarantee & Monthly Payment Plan.

Our diligent trailblazers have negotiated deals with every hotel, activity, and mode of transport to keep our prices as low as possible. However, sometimes it is still tough to scrape up a few grand far enough ahead to book your trip. With our easy pre-booking option, all you need is $200 to secure your position on the tour of your choice. The cost of your trip is then broken up into two or three installments, normally at one, two, and three months out from your departure date. It’s convenient and can really ease your budget.

Experienced Tour Guides and Safety First.

The Lost Beaches tour guides have been in the game for ages. They’ve seen the ups, downs and upside-downs of all our destinations. The team has tried and tested every portion of each of our trips, with a meticulous eye on safety to ensure that you have a safe trip and return home. All transportation and accommodation have been sought out beforehand to be sure there aren’t any surprises. If the unexpected does occur, our staff is there 24/7 to make sure you are looked after.

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